Apps for Android
Scotopic Sensitivity Screen- prints overlays when you buy your own overhead
projector transparency. Irlen pioneered the use of colored overlays to help with
reading. Some people perceive text easier with a colored filter. By helping visual
perception the filters indirectly aid in reading.  This simple app tests to see if there is
a color that is helpful. Afterwards, you can "share"  your overlay by sending it to the
printer or your e-mail (depending how you set up your phone).
I do not have any relationship with Irlen or the Irlen Institute. For glasses consider
calling the Irlen Institute directly.  
I have developed several apps for android.

One is a Newborn Weight  screening. A newborn can lose up to 10 % of its
weight in the first three or four days of life. This app takes the birth weight
and todays weight in pounds and ounces and compares them. A push of
the button gives the % weight loss.